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Updated: Oct 2, 2019

As individuals, we need to do what we can do give back in ways that will positively impact a generation of children.

There is something unique about seeing something you started, flourish with people who are just as passionate about it. I had a new and exciting experience just last week as it was UNICEF TCU's first fundraiser. Since I started UNICEF TCU (a non-profit organization at my University), I feel like I have been creating change, not only in children's lives but students as well. While l looked at members speak about UNICEF's mission to other TCU Students during the Bake Sale, it made me realize that there is hope for those children, that we are a generation filled with leaders who are willing to put the time to create change. There have been only a handful of times I observed and felt content with an outcome I initiated. It's intriguing to see that when you have a vision and follow through, everything that you once felt impossible to reach can become a reality. Life is all about creating those moments of feeling like you have a purpose in this world.

The new experience made me reminisce of where I was just a couple of months ago, in the early stages of creating UNICEF TCU. Everything I did to start was out of my comfort zone, it was unknown to me. Speaking in front of classes, meeting with prospective members, making appointments with the directors of Student Organizations, it was all a risk. What if no one cared? What if no one comes? I vividly remember standing outside Sid Richardson (building on campus) before the first information session and asking myself those questions. I was afraid that this club would fail, and its failure would be because of my wrong-doings. Risk, a word that many people are fearful of. However, when you conquer the feelings that come from it, you can achieve the unthinkable. The fundraiser meant everything to me as I realized it takes one person to start something but a couple of people to give it meaning and create it to be something beautiful.

In the end, life is all about taking risks, to do the things you are passionate about and enjoy every single moment of it. Don't let the fear of failure stop you from creating new things in your life, if you do, you won't be able to enjoy experiences like the one I had. Remember to take a deep breath, and think of how far you've come. Think of how much you have grown as a person, and where you want to be in the future.

My vision for UNICEF TCU didn't stop when I graduated in May of 2019. It is a club that is there to stay long-term. It will be a club that creates change in students lives by giving them a new perspective and an opportunity to make a difference in children's lives. I live for these new experiences and moments, so I say go out there and take those risks! I promise you that you won't regret them.

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